I really like this color, it's so vibrant and juicy looking. It applied like a dream and was very opaque. And cheap! ;)
I have a training period at school right now where I can't wear nail polish, so my blogging is down to one or maybe two posts a week.

Lumene Natural Code - Pink Punk
Seche Vite



I saw a really cute tuto for easter chick nails in Playing with Polish and decided to try it, even though I suck at painting anything in my nails. Needless to say, I failed miserably. So I wiped those nails off (no I didn't take pictures of them, you wouldn't want to see those, trust me.) and came up with these instead. 

China Glaze - Lemon Fizz
Models Own - Jade Stone
Depend - 039
Rimmel - Apricot Punch
Essence - Sundancer 
Seche Vite

If you don't look them too closely, they look like easter chicks.. kind of.

We also painted some easter eggs today, and to proof to you that I really can't paint anything to save my life, here's mine.

Happy Easter! 



I decided to have fun with scotch tape. The squares are not perfect but I was quite pleased with the result.

China Glaze - Ahoy
China Glaze - First Mate
Scotch Tape
Seche Vite



It's spring! The sun is shining and birds are singing.. also your shoes are wet because you stepped in a puddle but still! I wanted to do a bright mani and tested Essence's Sundancer. It applied well, and was very opaque. I was pleasently surprised, I thought I would have to do many layers to get a good finish but I only did two. Then I used Konad's special polish in black and BM21 for the star image. A coat of Seche Vite and done! Simple and fun spring manicure.. Okay okay, I originally wanted to stamp the sun image from BM01 but I couldn't get it to stamp fully. 

Essence - Sundancer
Konad - Special Polish Black
Seche Vite



I wanted to try how CG:s Re-Fresh Mint and MO:s Jade Stone would look like together and I came up with this simple scotch-tape manicure. I think these colors complement each other well, and I really liked how this looked in my nails.

China Glaze - Re-Fresh Mint
Models Own - Jade Stone
Scotch Tape
Seche Vite

Do you have something you would like to see in my blog? Please answer in the comments, I would love to try and make your wish come true. 

Okay that last part about your wishes coming true sounded kind of cheesy..  



I got this polish from my friend. It's a Maybelline Colorama polish, but I really can't tell you which one since all the writing is in russian.. This was a good glittery polish, and was opaque in two coats. 

Maybelline Colorama - ?
Seche Vite



My parents came back from a holiday recently and they brought me some nail polishes. Today I wanted to test Essence Colour and Go polish in Glisten Up. It's really sheer, so I ended up layering it over Jade Stone. Glisten Up is light blue color with lots of different sized green and yellow glitter. Now, I'm not an expert in speaking ''nails'' but I would say this is maybe a flakie polish? Anyway, it's really pretty!

China Glaze - Pelican Gray
Models Own - Jade Stone
Essence - Glisten Up
Seche Vite



I was rewarding myself for passing a math test, and decided to buy this cute kind of minty green color from Models Own. I really like this and I think it will be perfect for spring! Models Own polishes are my favourite market polishes, they have awesome selection  of colors and they dry quickly. 

This is a gorgeus color on it's own, but I wanted to try one of the images from BM15. Cute lizard stamped okay, and looks great with this color!

Models Own - Jade Stone
Seche Vite 



I got my fauxnad/hellokittyplate today! I love HK! I wanted to do something cute but still grownup (is that even possible?) so instead of the obvious pink I chose grey.

China Glaze - Pelican Gray
Konad - Special Polish in Black
Hello Kitty-plate
Seche Vite