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Kiitos paljon Jonsulle ! :) Tämä onkin ihan ihka ensimmäinen blogipalkinto jonka olen saanut. Ihan kymmenelle tämä tunnustus ei lähde, ihan siitä syystä että suurin osa lukemistani blogeista on ulkomaalaisia. Tässä kuitenkin muutamia loistavia suomalaisia blogeja joita tahdon muistaa!

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This was really sheer polish, I think I used four layers to achieve this look and you can still see a little VNL.. Application was okay. 

Natural Code - Be Fabulous
Seche Vite



Models Own - Nude Beige
Konad Special Polish - Black
Seche Vite
Born Pretty Store - Fauxnad m77



I realised that I don't own any brown/beige polishes. This flaw obviously had to be repaired, so I snatched this one up from Seppälä today. I really like it, it makes my nails seem so.. sophisticated.

Models Own - Nude Beige
Seche Vite




HM- It's genious
Konad Special Polish - Black
Seche Vite
Konad - m79
Born Pretty Store - Hello Kitty Stickers




I borrowed this one from my mom, and I'm glad I didn't order it. There's nothing really wrong about this polish, it just doesn't suit me. It applied ok, but did leave some brush strokes visible.

China Glaze - Coral Star
Seche Vite

Question time!

I've been thinking about holding a giveaway for you. So if you would answer these two questions in the comments, I would really appreciate it!

Would you like me to have a few smaller giveaways during autumn/winter or one big one? 
What would you like the giveaway(s) to be? 



I was looking at my BM plates and found this great image I haven't used yet. I paired it up with CG:s Ahoy and I really like the result.

China Glaze - Ahoy
Konad Special Polish - Black
Seche Vite



Today I tried CG:s Diva Bride. It's very sheer, so I had to use three quite thick layers and still you can see some VNL in the picture. Color is pretty though, so next time I'll try layering it with white polish. 

I wanted to use some glitter, so I did that, and added some konadin to go with it.

China Glaze - Diva Bride
Wild and Crazy - Montana
Seche Vite
Born Pretty - Hello Kitty Plate
BM02 & BM14



Okay, I admit it. I love Harry Potter. I've been reading about Harry's adventures since I was ten. I'm kind of sad now that the final movie is coming out, it's like my childhood is ending! I'm going to the night premiere, it starts at 00.07 I hope I won't fall asleep before that!

Thumb: HP Index: Ravenclaw Middle: Gryffindor Ring: Slytherin's S (or snake, whatever you think it is) Pinky: Hufflepuff

Sally Hansen Extreme Wear - Celeb City
Rimmel - Black Out
China Glaze - Lemon Fizz
China Glaze - Hey Sailor
China Glaze - First Mate
Seche Vite
Dotting Tool
Scotch Tape 


Hey, check out this giveaway for Hello Kitty x Chanel stickers from Born Pretty/Konad Addict!




Next up is CG:s Senorita Bonita. I just love saying that name! :D 
Application was flawless as always.

China Glaze - Senorita Bonita
Seche Vite



Me and my mom ordered some polishes from Nailsupplies. The site is easy to use, and shipping fee for 9 bottles of polish to Finland were 20 dollars. 

I ordered one OPI (Mermaid's Tear's) and three polishes from CG:s Island Escape collection: 108 Degrees, Blue Iguana and Senorita Bonita.

108 Degrees is amazing kind of rasberry coloured polish with pink and violet shimmer. 

China Glaze - 108 Degrees
Seche Vite
Konad Special Polish - Black



This is the other GOSH polish that I rescued from the sales. Great application and coverage.

GOSH - Sweet Rose
Seche Vite



So here it is, my first OPI polish.. And I am in love. The application was flawless and I really like that it has a big brush! And the color.. Oh, the color.. 

I think my wallet is gonna be in pain when I start buying more OPI's! :)
The polish is from the POTC collection. Now I kinda wish I ordered more OPI's instead of China Glaze. Oh well.

OPI - Mermaid's Tears
Seche Vite



First a failed nail art attempt (or just plain fugly nail art)..

 ..followed by a much cuter dolphin konading.

GOSH - Blue Gypsy
Seche Vite
Konad Special Polish - Black
Born Pretty - Hello Kitty Plate



I spotted that some of the GOSH polishes were on sale, and had to buy two; Gypsy Blue and Sweet Rose. 

Gypsy Blue applied beautifully and coverage was great, I used two coats to make the shade a bit deeper. 

GOSH - Gypsy Blue
Seche Vite

I know I havent mentioned base coat in any of my posts but I do use one! :) 
I use OPI's Nail Envy - Dry and Brittle, in case you're interested. 



Just a simple crackle mani. 

Wild and Crazy - Montana
Depend Cracked Effect - Pink
Seche Vite



I wanted to use some of the Bundle Monster plates and this is the result. I'm not really sure if I like it or not.. 

Do you have tendency of smudging your images when you apply the top coat? I have heard that the Konad Top Coat prevents this, but since I don't have it, I found another solution to the problem: Models Own's 3 in 1 Base Coat/Top Coat and Gloss! This hardly ever smudges my images, and it's cheap too.  
Natural Code - Pink Punk
Konad Special Polish Black
BM02 & BM03
Models Own - 3 in 1 Base Coat/Top Coat and Gloss
Seche Vite

Oh, and Happy Midsummer's Night to all! 

Hyvää Jussia kaikille :3 



I haven't used CG:s Re-Fresh Mint for a long time (or so it seems) and thought I would do a simple mani with it. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it, so I just slapped on some diagonal manis and pearls to accent nails. 

My thumb has that design too it just doesn't show on the picture.. Yeah, I'm such a great nail blogger.. *sarcastic voice*

China Glaze - Re-Fresh Mint
Wild and Crazy - Montana
Seche Vite 




I wanted to something girly and sweet, so I decided to do a pastel skittle. I really like how this turned out and I was going to add some konadin to it but I was just too  lazy  busy to do them.

Wild and Crazy - Montana
China Glaze - Re-Fresh Mint
Mavala - Riga
Seche Vite



I wanted to test out the fimos I got recently. As a base I used a franken I made mixing a bunch of old polishes together. 

(Sorry about the messy cuticles, I was in a hurry.) 

Seche Vite

Oh btw, how the hell am I getting 60 visiters per day? Where did you people come from? o_O 



Just a quick mani I did last week. 

Models Own - Jade Stone
Konad Special Polish - Black
Seche Vite
Born Pretty Hello Kitty Plate



I've wanted to buy OPI's Teenage Dream and Black Shatter (or any other black crackle polish to go with it) since forever! But I'm a scrooge and always just looked at them online. Today I decided to do something similar with cheap polishes. 

This is OPI's promo pic of those two together. Just three easy steps and your nails can look like that too! Or at least something similar to it..

I started off with two coats of your basic pink polish. I used Yves Rocher's Rose Pastel which I stole from my mom.. Shh, don't tell her!

Then I layered it up with two coats of La Femme Beauty's Disco. In Finland you can get this polish from Seppälä and it costs 2.95 €

Then I took the black crackle polish and some Seche Vite to finish the look. I used Depend's Cracked Effect which costs 3.90 € at Kicks.  I think it's quite similar with OPI's promo pic. I love it! 
It's pink, it's glittery, and crackled.. 
What's not to like? 

And the best part is that I only spent 6.85 € on it! In Finland normal OPI polishes cost 16.20 € and I think the shatter ones cost about the same amount. So I basically saved 25,55 €! 

Okay, I could have ordered them online for less but still :)

PS. I saw that Kicks now sells Seche Vite too! I think it was about 12 € per bottle so I'm still gonna order mine online.



Nothing much to say about this polish, coverage was okay and it applied easily. This was part of the Rimmel's Fruity Scent line. The smell didn't remind me of cranberries and it was fortunately quite faint. Fun summer color! :) 

Rimmel - Cranberry Zest
Seche Vite



I love summer! But I hate all the bugs flying aroung and trying to bite you, although I think ladybugs are really cute. So I re-did these ladybug nails, and now they are way cuter in my opinion. :)

China Glaze - Hey Sailor
Rimmel - Black Out
Wild and Crazy - Montana
Seche Vite
Dotting Tool



I really, really loved this color! Too bad I only had a minisized bottle and I used almost all of it in one manicure :< 

I think this shade also compliments my skintone nicely. Little bottle didn't even have the shade's name in it, so if you know what shade it is I would appreciate it! Or if you know similar color from another brand, please please tell me! :)

Nails Inc - ?
Seche Vite



Sorry you had to see my horrible cuticles.. Damn you hand sanitizer! 

China Glaze - Grape Pop
Seche Vite
Random Nail Art Stickers



This is my first GOSH polish and I was positively surpised. I don't know why but I had this idea on my head that GOSH polishes are just lame, pricey and bad polishes. Okay, I still think they are a tad pricey, but lame? No way! Green Hawaii is a great glitter polish, you can definitely see many different colored glitters in it. It took me three coats to achieve the bottle color. This will be awesome summer polish! Removing glitter polishes is always a pain in the butt but I used the foil method to remove it, it worked perfectly and almost no glitter was visible on the nail after removing it.

GOSH - Green Hawaii
Seche Vite



So I won the giveaway from Ash-lillys lacquer lust and the package arrived on friday. I never win anything so when she emailed me I almost couldnt believe it. You want to see what I won? Well, let's see..

So much stuff! And a mystery bag!

Four colors from Rimmel's I heart Lasting Finish :
Cranberry Zest
Strawberry Fizz
Lemon Drop
Apricot Punch
GOSH - Green Hawaii (My first GOSH!)
Nameless clear polish

Some really cute nail art stickers and a zebra print nail file.

 And here's what was in the mystery bag! Really awesome mini nails polish from nails inc! Also some purple micro pearls, glitter and some crushed shell (?) in these cute little containers. But wait, whats that little bottle thingy on top of the glitter?

Fimo's! Little bear head and ladybug fimo's! 

Thank you so much Liane! Can't wait to test these out!



I did these nails on my day off. Unfortunately some of the design smeared when I applied the top coat.. 

Models Own - Jade Stone
Konad Special Polish - Black 
Seche Vite



This must be my lucky day! I won the giveaway from this great blog ! Go check her out, she has great nails! ^w^

My nails atm are short and stubby and have nothing but base coat in them.. Only few more weeks though, then I can get back to polishing! These are my nails from few weeks ago:

China Glaze - Flip-Flop Fantasy
Wild and Crazy - Montana (under CG)
Konad Special Polish - Black 
Seche Vite



I really like this color, it's so vibrant and juicy looking. It applied like a dream and was very opaque. And cheap! ;)
I have a training period at school right now where I can't wear nail polish, so my blogging is down to one or maybe two posts a week.

Lumene Natural Code - Pink Punk
Seche Vite



I saw a really cute tuto for easter chick nails in Playing with Polish and decided to try it, even though I suck at painting anything in my nails. Needless to say, I failed miserably. So I wiped those nails off (no I didn't take pictures of them, you wouldn't want to see those, trust me.) and came up with these instead. 

China Glaze - Lemon Fizz
Models Own - Jade Stone
Depend - 039
Rimmel - Apricot Punch
Essence - Sundancer 
Seche Vite

If you don't look them too closely, they look like easter chicks.. kind of.

We also painted some easter eggs today, and to proof to you that I really can't paint anything to save my life, here's mine.

Happy Easter!